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It was a cold evening
The frost stung my lips
I waited, patiently
Right beneath our tree
But you never came
The sun sunk low
The clouds huddled closer
To retain some warmth
Perhaps against an impending storm
But you never came
I watched the pavement
I wished for the familiar sound
Of your footsteps on the gravel
I hoped all was well
Because you never came
I walked back alone
Yearning for you by my side
A hand to clasp
A reassuring grasp
But you never came
Some lonely nights
I sit by the fire
And wonder what became of you
Pondering if you think of me too


Questioning, why you never came



Think not the snow

Clinging to my lashes

Melting away to go

Bothers me

What does is

The craving for

Untainted bliss

Like never before

A place to call

My very own

When all else falls

In vague uncertainity

A fire to warm me

In the freezing cold

When the trees I see

Are naked and bare

A ray of light

Piercing the darkness

With the promise in sight

That tomorrow may be a better day

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