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I want you here,

By my side

In a world cold

I always deride

I wish you would

Take my hand

Whisk me away

To another land

I need you here

To hold me close

Silently exchange words,

That nobody knows



It gets cold in here

Without the warmth

Of your body flowing

Ceaselessly, into me dear


I am barely alive

Every breath a struggle

Every thought

To conjure, I strive


There are people, in scores

Surrounding me

Yet for survival, I need

You, and I shall ask for no more.


Staining the whites
Darkening the blacks
Drops of water
In diffused daylight
Warmth that lacks

Filthy, murky
Mingled with dirt
Some dried off soon
Others, for all to see
Their presence, they boldly assert

I’ve just never
Learnt to say goodbyes
No I cannot smile
Through teary eyes

I cannot bear
The thought of losing hold
Of the warmth of your hand
Leaving me empty, bereft, cold

I cannot watch your form
Disappear into the distance
Slowly, but surely, moving away
With every passing instant

I cannot look at you
To realize
It’s the last time I’m seeing
My reflection in your eyes

I cannot watch you leave
Throwing away
All that we had
To find your own way

So forgive me
If I disappoint you
You disappoint me too

I’ve just never
Learnt to say goodbye
A part of me
Still wills it to be a lie

You are to me

The blood that rushes to my fingers
Benumbed with the cold
The warmth diffusing slowly
As your hand I tenaciously hold

You are to me

The first ray of sunlight
Filtered through the darkness
Lighting up my face
And every other dark recess

You are to me

The drops of water, cool and steady
On the desert parched for too long
The lingering smell that follows
And the childhood rain song

Cubes of ice

Held in my palm

Melting away

In the warmth of the day


Filtered sunlight

Illuminating the walls

Then darkening to a shade of gray

As the sun decides to quietly lay


Accepting change

As it comes

Resistance, a wasted effort

Brings only lingering hurt


Living in

A haunted memory

Scared to see

The harsh reality


Holding on-

A thought alien

Letting go

Is all I know


Think not the snow

Clinging to my lashes

Melting away to go

Bothers me

What does is

The craving for

Untainted bliss

Like never before

A place to call

My very own

When all else falls

In vague uncertainity

A fire to warm me

In the freezing cold

When the trees I see

Are naked and bare

A ray of light

Piercing the darkness

With the promise in sight

That tomorrow may be a better day

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