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Tag Archives: unrequited love

I continue to run
With the sweat trickling down my face
My eyes burning
My stomach churning
I keep moving forward
Aggravating my pace
My heart, ringing in my ears, a loud thump
Determinedly swallowing, the constrained lump
I run out of breath
Still advancing, gasping, heaving
The scorching heat, making me blind
Yet I keep running, leaving it all behind
I thought of you
I was thine
I thought again, and cried
Because you weren’t mine
Not in a way, I desire
No you are not, consumed by this fire
I’d rather you not love me, ever
It is better to be loved wholly, or never
No I wish not to live, a pale imitation of it
That will kill me every day, bit by bit
Teasing me, with what could have been
Not just a wretched lie, or a passing dream



The wind that blows

Carries your scent

As towards me it flows

Grazing the flowers bent

Your fragrance distinct

Despite their presence

Stirring my instinct

With your marked essence

It is enough for me

To know of your existence

All I need to see

Is your fleeting luminescence

I crave no more

Than the touch of your shadow

As you walk to the shore

When the sun dips low

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