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It creeps in, unexpected,

Like a ray of light, stray

With the dawn of

Yet another day


Like a gust of wind

In an arid desert

A mirage that its presence

Will deviously assert


Like the drops of rain

Greedily soaked in

By the parched ground-

An indulgent sin


It will stay, mocking

Teasing what you cherish

Will then disappear, as suddenly as it came

Leaving you bereft, steadily to perish

It was a cold evening
The frost stung my lips
I waited, patiently
Right beneath our tree
But you never came
The sun sunk low
The clouds huddled closer
To retain some warmth
Perhaps against an impending storm
But you never came
I watched the pavement
I wished for the familiar sound
Of your footsteps on the gravel
I hoped all was well
Because you never came
I walked back alone
Yearning for you by my side
A hand to clasp
A reassuring grasp
But you never came
Some lonely nights
I sit by the fire
And wonder what became of you
Pondering if you think of me too


Questioning, why you never came


Selective revelations


Only certain confidences

Passing through the sieve


Contradictions in

Your earnest voice, your shifty eyes

Give me a reason, to be blind

Give me a reason, to believe your lies


Space, an infinite expanse
Stretching endlessly
You and me
Yet, there is so much
That we still share
The light from the moon
The stars at which we patiently stare
The same bittersweet
Binding us
In time, they freeze
I fervently hope, tomorrow
The warmth does not
Melt the frozen moments, timeless
Washing away all that we’ve got

There’s a thick haze
Around stars I see at night
Obstructing the path of my gaze
Making it all seem less bright
The moon takes cover
Behind clouds damp
Refusing to shower
It’s light on the swamp
In the faint, yet distinct moonlight
That has betrayed it’s source
There’s a strange quality to the night
Making uncertain its further course
I wait for the heavy mist to rise
For the clouds to clear away
I no longer can strain my eyes
To find the correct way

The unspoken words

The stolen glances

Holding back

Losing chances


Perpetual fear

Lingering doubts

Keeping silent

When I want to shout


A wall to keep

The uncertainty at bay

If you get too close

You might walk away


The fortress is but

Made of ice

To guard the tears

Of my silent cries


Scared to be

What I am

Continuing to live

This pleasant sham


Haunting thoughts

Nagging me

Keeping me from

Letting you see


The real me

Cushioned in layers

My wishful heart

Mumbling silent prayers


Treading closer

You may see the mess

If you knew me more

Would you love me less?


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