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We’re merely
A pale imitation of the past
Surrendering to the brute forces of time
Because good times never really last

It was a cold evening
The frost stung my lips
I waited, patiently
Right beneath our tree
But you never came
The sun sunk low
The clouds huddled closer
To retain some warmth
Perhaps against an impending storm
But you never came
I watched the pavement
I wished for the familiar sound
Of your footsteps on the gravel
I hoped all was well
Because you never came
I walked back alone
Yearning for you by my side
A hand to clasp
A reassuring grasp
But you never came
Some lonely nights
I sit by the fire
And wonder what became of you
Pondering if you think of me too


Questioning, why you never came


Stay awhile here
Calm my fears
Hold my hand
As uncertainly I stand
Lost, more than before
Shaken, to my very core
Tomorrow again
I may become sane
Alone and independent
Deal with the impending dents
Walk upright, in need of no one
Shying away, before I can burn
Curling defensively, to not get hurt
Bottling in, what I should assert

Yes tomorrow, I’ll be myself again
Numb to all the pain
But today, I want to lean
Be free of who I’ve been
So hold my hand and stay here, a while
Walk with me just through this one mile

People rushing
Time gushing
At a pace too fast
Nothing seems to last
Driven ahead by blind ambition
Floating ahead, without precision
Chasing dreams beyond the horizon
From the rising to the setting sun
Night follows the day gone by
Reassuring themselves with another lie
Terming this tedious journey
As the only life they can see

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