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I am not strong enough
To see your face
And not be able to, hold it in my palms
Not having the liberty, to lean into your arms
I am not adept at
Concealing my ardor
Having you together with me, so near
Yet, failing to tell you I hold you dear
It’s best I don’t think of you, at all
Keep you at a safe distance
Drown out your tormenting voice
Surround myself, with all this noise
I walk alone, on these empty streets
No reassuring sounds, of shuffling feet
The drops of rain, beating against my face
Sleep walking, in a heavy daze
Hoping, wishing, the water washes away every thought
Erases all traces, memories; of what I once sought

You are to me

The blood that rushes to my fingers
Benumbed with the cold
The warmth diffusing slowly
As your hand I tenaciously hold

You are to me

The first ray of sunlight
Filtered through the darkness
Lighting up my face
And every other dark recess

You are to me

The drops of water, cool and steady
On the desert parched for too long
The lingering smell that follows
And the childhood rain song

We are lovers
Like the crest and the trough
of a wave
Close, yet never meeting
Glimpses, intimacy
for moments fleeting
Carried together
To the shore
For wanting more

Love me like the love of a child
Unconditionally, without guile

Love me like lyrics love melody
Because without each other, incomplete they be

Love me like a bird loves the sky blue
Which sets it free, the privilege of a few

Love me like the tree loves the sun bright
Burning it, yet nurturing it right

Love me like I’ve been loved never before
With every heartbeat, your very core

And that love, let me see in your eyes
Even if all of it, is mere lies

I have no voice

So I make no sound

In the past when I did

No listening ear it found


I have no convictions

So I don’t put them forward

Whenever I’ve done so

No soul have they stirred


I wander now

Jaded, aimless

I just wish

It pained a little less

An interesting

Pair of eyes

Focused heavenward

At the clear skies


A tune hummed

By a passer by

The words fade away

The vestiges, do not die


Traces of meaning

In a life mundane

Springing unexpectedly

Keeping me sane


Those rare glimpses

Of perfection

Coming to life

With alarming precision


My inward eye

Retains those impressions

Holds on to

Those fleeting occasions

This is when

I need to be strong

Because I may face a lapse

And relapse

To who I used to be

Before things changed

I need to grow out of it

It may otherwise, tear me to bits

One last time

I need to hold on

To not let who I am

Crumble into shams


This new face

Is the only saving grace

People passing by
Yet making no difference
The fake smiles and acknowledgements
Then again the bridge, the distance…

Hesitant to let loose
Scared to get close
What those conniving minds contrive
Who really knows?

The deep rooted insecurities
Lingering fear of the unknown
Alas no one sees through it all
And i’m accused of a heart of stone…

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