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It’s cold

Icicles forming on

Window panes

Slowly, steadily

Melting, the water flows

Freely, unchecked

Like tears would

Had they been let loose

When our insides

Are wrecked



As I sit here, with the sun setting low

The pages of my diary, reminiscent of you

I wonder if the smudged words are coming together

Because of my tears, or the evening dew

While you may be in another world, unaware

Finding love in the arms, of a woman new


I may forget the promises you made, the words you spoke

But I will remember, the ripples, in my dead heart they evoked


I may forget the journeys we made, the places we visited

But I will remember, how you took my hand in yours, when we were seated


I may forget the times we fought, parted with bitterness

But I will remember, how gently, later, my face you caressed


I may forget if we ever spoke of an uncertain future, a tomorrow that may not come

But I remember you easing my fears, as in my ear, you whispered those tranquilizing hums


I wish I could and would forget, all at once, let it go

Yet, I keep struggling, attempting, to find a way to do so

I continue to run
With the sweat trickling down my face
My eyes burning
My stomach churning
I keep moving forward
Aggravating my pace
My heart, ringing in my ears, a loud thump
Determinedly swallowing, the constrained lump
I run out of breath
Still advancing, gasping, heaving
The scorching heat, making me blind
Yet I keep running, leaving it all behind

My mouth has
A salty aftertaste
Perhaps from the tears
I swallowed in haste
Maybe this is when
I should feel some pain
But my senses seem to be dulled
By the cold pouring rain

I part my lips
But I hear no sound
Moved to silence
My own voice drowned
Every nerve benumbed
Frozen with the frost
The fear of your departure
The aching emptiness of loss
The glistening eyes
Betraying my plea
Oblivious, moving on
What don’t you see?

Moving ahead, with blinding speed
Blurring away, roads I see
The pace responsible?
Or the tears unchecked, flowing free?

I let flow, unchecked
The tears I’ve held in for so long
Trying to treasure them
Lest they fall, and get lost in this throng

Now though, I see a ray
A glimmer of hope, surging
Willing me to, let them out
Live the liberation they bring

So today, I freely
Without inhibitions, shed some tears
Because I have with me
Someone who’ll then, hold me near

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