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There are

People close, walking near

Breathing the same air

Yet, somehow, not really here

Then I have you, far away

In a distant place

Yet, tangible your presence

In this surrounding space


The laughter, rings of a sound hollow

The tears refuse to trickle

Impassive, carved in stone

Voices, a monotonous drone


Herds, in numbers large

Throttling me

Slowly but surely, closing in

What is this life, if not a mortal sin?

Engulfed by

A million faces

Blank stares reflected

From open spaces

Lost in the

Callous herd

Where I shout

But go unheard

Learning to

Keep it all in

Voicing myself

An unpardonable sin

Struggling valiantly

It’s hard

In the start

To play the right card

With time

You get better

At breaking free

From the restraining fetter

Mastering the

Ways of the world

Living in my shell

Comfortably curled

An interesting

Pair of eyes

Focused heavenward

At the clear skies


A tune hummed

By a passer by

The words fade away

The vestiges, do not die


Traces of meaning

In a life mundane

Springing unexpectedly

Keeping me sane


Those rare glimpses

Of perfection

Coming to life

With alarming precision


My inward eye

Retains those impressions

Holds on to

Those fleeting occasions

It’s drizzling

Drops like pearls flowing

Elevating my mood

Without knowing


There’s lightening

And roaring thunder

The world outside

Going asunder


Yet here I sit

Cradling my

Favorite book

With a wistful sigh


Entangled in

The lives of those

Characters painted

Surreal, yet too close


Then there is

The faint music

Feeling melancholy

I’d always pick


This is me

In my own little world

At peace with the warmth

On the sofa, curled


Dreading the reality

Outside my bubble

Perplexed as to why

I need to undergo that trouble


Where stories don’t

Go the way you’d want them to

Where you wish you could

Be the author of life too


Where people may not

Arouse these sentiments

Which my favorite things

To me have lent


Yet life moves on

Wading through the muck

In the same vicious cycle

Even if we seem to be stuck


Trampling upon fellow beings

Without regret or remorse

To serve what end

Do they adopt this course?


Flitting from one

Relation to another

Not a trace of guilt

To slaughter their own brothers


No question of

Word or honor

Pouncing at every

Victim they corner


Freedom and independence

A crumbling sham

Death of free will

At their own bloody hands


Driven ahead unaware by

Ulterior motives solely

Souls being infested by

Moral depravity wholly


Affectations galore

To achieve selfish goals

The sanctity of candor

An ugly beast stole


Now rendered

Empty shells

Consciously brought about

This infernal hell


It’s all a part of the game

Survival of the fittest is the name

Trying to

Sugar coat facts

Passing it off

As essential tacts


Infinite hatred that

Doesn’t become any less

In front of the world

They diligently suppress


Social standing

Matters after all

Even if at every feet

They grovel and fall


Honest opinions

Don’t stand a chance

To popular belief

These puppets dance


Scoffing at

Genuine ways

Envious though

Of what candor says


In the absence of

A plastic idol

Without blind worship

Their lives would be dull


Pouring honey

In endless ways

Spitting venom

Behind my face


And you ask me to

Dampen my courage

When with indignation

I tremble in rage?


To adopt their

Stealthy ways

Living lies

For endless days


To stoop

Low enough

To succumb to deceit

When the going gets tough


To yield

What I believe in

To be a mute observer

Than raise my voice against sin


I rather be

A social outcast

Than be mould in

Their hollow cast


Someday I may learn

To do what they do

Question is should I

Become one of them too?

I live in a parallel world

Far away from here

Take my hand in yours

Come with me dear


Where there is no trace

Of hatred and bitterness

The sun shines splendidly

Even in the darkest recess


Where beauty isn’t

The masks you don

But the sacred innocence

With which you were born


Where love isn’t

A wretched lie

But that for which

With bliss you cry


Where words you say

Are those you mean

Expressions are crystal clear

No underlying malice unseen


Where honesty isn’t

A wishful illusion

What you believe

Is not damped by commotion


Where you and I

Can simply be

No chains to keep

Our souls from breathing free

Impose not your

Perceptions and presumptions

They aren’t the cure

To those heaps of delusions

Leave me alone

Let me be

Whatever you do

Don’t pretend to know me


Live me in your head

If you please

Build me up

With effortless ease

Picture me as it may

Suit your far fetched fancies

Nurture them all you want

To extents you please


There’s more to me

Than meets the eye

You would’ve known

If you had the time to try

Now you make

Sweeping claims

Affecting insights

Shoving down blames


I am through

With your images of me

Time to let go

Merely be free

You can now live

With your affectations

Your convoluted mind’s

Crafty creations

If I were a bird

I would fly away

Carefree, unheard

Finding a new way


If I were the breeze

I would flow,  independent

As I please, with ease

Solace to a traveller lent


If  I were the sky

Expansive and infinite

Raindrops falling as I cry

To express my plight


I wish I was anything

But a mediocre mortal

Hurting with each sting

Trapped with no escape portal


Dealing with fallacies

All too human

Crushed idealistic fancies

A scenario so common


Seeking a metamorphosis

Evolved to cope

With a world like this

Devoid of hope


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