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I part my lips
But I hear no sound
Moved to silence
My own voice drowned
Every nerve benumbed
Frozen with the frost
The fear of your departure
The aching emptiness of loss
The glistening eyes
Betraying my plea
Oblivious, moving on
What don’t you see?


Too much to say, too little time
The intimacy of a confidant new
The comfort and warmth
Steadily they brew
Lost in the moments
Always too few
From dusk to twilight
Sunsets to morning dew
Slowly, time catching up
Beating us in the race
As we begin to struggle
To fill in this space
Growing between us
Slowly but surely
Threatening to prick the bubble
With it’s reality, wholly
And now as this oppressive silence
With its cold blanket, engulfs you and me
I dimly wish we could go back
To being who we used to be

Things change

In ways too strange

Or maybe people do

Gradually, day after day

The flow of words hindered

Finding no alternative way


Don’t say a word

It will go unheard

Because now I love

The comfortable sound

Of absolute silence

Alive, taut and tense

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