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Staining the whites
Darkening the blacks
Drops of water
In diffused daylight
Warmth that lacks

Filthy, murky
Mingled with dirt
Some dried off soon
Others, for all to see
Their presence, they boldly assert


We are no different

You and I

Cut out of the same cloth

Different, only the rent

Broken inside, damaged

Piecing things together

Concealing scars

From wounds that have aged

Loving you, is a bittersweet heartache
There is, too much of me at stake

I’ll forget the promises, the twinkle in your eyes
I’ll even erase the scars caused by your lies
The wounds will, with time heal
My nerves again, shall harden to steel

If you and I, we’d met another day
Perhaps, I’d plead you to stay
I can’t live that dream, not yet
I wish, despairingly, we’d never met

With the dawn of a day new
Tomorrow, I will no longer love you

The velvety blackness

Of the rainy night

Now interspersed with

Rays of light


The promise of

An era new

A glistening drop

Of  tenacious dew


The scorching sun

Drying the rain

The withering petals

Shrivelled with pain


The old leaves shed

From everlasting nodes

The scars persisting, even though

The tree with new leaflets loads


What I once thought

Was permanent

Brings now only pain

With its aching remnants


The wounds may

With time be healed

But the scars remain

Beneath layers easily peeled

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