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The infinite expanse, of a shared sky

Perhaps, the same cracked roads

Everyday, every hour

Passing us by

An intangible thread

Not discovered, yet

A mounting tension

Steadily bred

Questions unanswered

Fancies crafted

A fleeting feeling, hope

Warily stirred

It was a cold evening
The frost stung my lips
I waited, patiently
Right beneath our tree
But you never came
The sun sunk low
The clouds huddled closer
To retain some warmth
Perhaps against an impending storm
But you never came
I watched the pavement
I wished for the familiar sound
Of your footsteps on the gravel
I hoped all was well
Because you never came
I walked back alone
Yearning for you by my side
A hand to clasp
A reassuring grasp
But you never came
Some lonely nights
I sit by the fire
And wonder what became of you
Pondering if you think of me too


Questioning, why you never came


Cubes of ice

Held in my palm

Melting away

In the warmth of the day


Filtered sunlight

Illuminating the walls

Then darkening to a shade of gray

As the sun decides to quietly lay


Accepting change

As it comes

Resistance, a wasted effort

Brings only lingering hurt


Living in

A haunted memory

Scared to see

The harsh reality


Holding on-

A thought alien

Letting go

Is all I know


Once there was

A raging fire

That try as I might

Would not tire


Now all there is

Are these dead ashes

And the reflections of

The past flashes


Left with only

The smouldering remnants

And a lingering voice

Screaming for penance


What was

Exists no more

Only the beating of the waves

Against this empty shore

The soothing winds

The mellow sun

A walk of solace

To an unknown place


The unadulterated bliss

Of a  starry night

Staring at the sky

No soul nearby


The undulating waters

Letting me float

Away to nowhere

Without a care


The sounds of

People chattering

A part of the audience

Watching it through the lens


A touching harmony

A fleeting glimpse

A passing thought

Of what I once sought


The most intimate of

The happiest hours

Or the silent moans

Are all, enjoyed alone



When was the last time

I blindly trusted

An open heart that isn’t

With skepticism rusted?


I don’t remember

Grasping happiness

Engulfed in cynicism

What all do I miss?


When did I last

Laugh till I cried?

That part of me

Withered and died


Been long since I

Followed my instinct

Not demarcate logic

With boundaries so distinct


Why have I never

Loved completely

Been too scared of

Being written off as silly


A path I chose

With a rational mind

Or running away from things

I rather leave behind?


Living for myself

Letting no one in

A game I lose

Even when I win

I have tried

To no avail

To find who you are

Beneath that veil


But now,

I am tired

Maybe it’s just me

Who refuses to see

The trash, the mess

Filled with emptiness


I’ve struggled

Debated with myself

To get a glimpse

Beyond that shelf


But now,

I am tired

Of cutting you slack

Hoping to find you back

From the road you chose

Far away, yet so close


I’ve pushed hard

Hoping for answers

Looking at those haunted eyes

Deep within me, something stirs


But now

I am tired

I can hope no more

To mend things that are sore

When my efforts go waste

The reality, I’m forced to taste


I’ve hoped

Against evidence contrary

To reach to you, get past

This facade, all too blurry


But now

I am tired

Running out of incentive

To shatter the lies you live

There’s only so far

I can deal with these scars


One day you may

Realize what you lost

Regret not then

It came at what cost

I am sorry

If  I gave up prematurely

Just that I am tired

Even though I loved you truly

I run

I chase

For that fleeting glimpse

That evasive face


I struggle

I try

To attain that state

Fulfill my fate


I pine

I long

To grasp and to get hold

To finish the story untold


I covet

I ache

Looking for a deeper meaning

A lasting support for leaning


I surrender

I give up

Beyond the horizon I focus

Oblivious to this frenzied circus


If it has to

It eventually will

Accomplish that feat

Find me, make me complete

If I were a bird

I would fly away

Carefree, unheard

Finding a new way


If I were the breeze

I would flow,  independent

As I please, with ease

Solace to a traveller lent


If  I were the sky

Expansive and infinite

Raindrops falling as I cry

To express my plight


I wish I was anything

But a mediocre mortal

Hurting with each sting

Trapped with no escape portal


Dealing with fallacies

All too human

Crushed idealistic fancies

A scenario so common


Seeking a metamorphosis

Evolved to cope

With a world like this

Devoid of hope


The inspiration for this poem was an incident which triggered the memory of a quote I’d read a while ago-

“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”



Brains of brick

Dressed with grime

Attempting to veil

Superficialities, to no avail


Sweeping claims made

Simulating the semblance

Of empathy may be precious

Don’t be fooled, by masks so tenacious


Blood curling screams

Echoing back emptily

From hollow ears

And still, the pain sears


Why would I

Shower my surmise

On jaded minds

Dwelling far behind


Keep them in

Guard them diligently

Let it be equated to pretense

It’s the sole saving defense…

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