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We know not
What the future holds
Unpredictability, perhaps
Truths, untold
So we derive
Comfort false
Holding on, uncertainly
As the present, crumbles and falls
Leaving behind
Husks empty
An intangible pull
When you thought you were free




There are

People close, walking near

Breathing the same air

Yet, somehow, not really here

Then I have you, far away

In a distant place

Yet, tangible your presence

In this surrounding space

It gets cold in here

Without the warmth

Of your body flowing

Ceaselessly, into me dear


I am barely alive

Every breath a struggle

Every thought

To conjure, I strive


There are people, in scores

Surrounding me

Yet for survival, I need

You, and I shall ask for no more.


My mouth has
A salty aftertaste
Perhaps from the tears
I swallowed in haste
Maybe this is when
I should feel some pain
But my senses seem to be dulled
By the cold pouring rain

Moving ahead, with blinding speed
Blurring away, roads I see
The pace responsible?
Or the tears unchecked, flowing free?

You are to me

The blood that rushes to my fingers
Benumbed with the cold
The warmth diffusing slowly
As your hand I tenaciously hold

You are to me

The first ray of sunlight
Filtered through the darkness
Lighting up my face
And every other dark recess

You are to me

The drops of water, cool and steady
On the desert parched for too long
The lingering smell that follows
And the childhood rain song

You love what you see
But you see so little
A decorated lie, a fabricated story
A breathing impostor, in all its glory

I thought of you
I was thine
I thought again, and cried
Because you weren’t mine
Not in a way, I desire
No you are not, consumed by this fire
I’d rather you not love me, ever
It is better to be loved wholly, or never
No I wish not to live, a pale imitation of it
That will kill me every day, bit by bit
Teasing me, with what could have been
Not just a wretched lie, or a passing dream



A safe distance, from afar
Hidden, ugly scars
A step closer, uncertain
A glimpse of what’s behind the curtain
An instant too late
Love, replaced by hate
The moment, irreversible
Every deceit, discernible
The dream tarnished
Against my wish
Another disappointment
To my mind lent
Deep within, a familiar stir
Maybe I am simply, looking in the mirror.

An overcast sky
Clouds huddled together
Unable to contain the drops
About to break free from the tether
An opening above
A flash of white
Darkness following
The momentary light
A thunderous applause
For the growing anticipation
A slow assault
The unchecked precipitation
The smell from the ground
The blooming flowers, shy
The fragrant air teasing
The traveller passing by
Leaves detached
From the burdened trees
On the undulating waters
Floating free
Glistening in the
Moonlight bright
Reflecting the sparkling
Blanket adorned by the night
A breeze, tantalizing
Humid and cold
Reminiscence about
Stories untold
Lost forever, swallowed
By the comfortable shroud
Of the long shadows
Amidst the oblivious crowds

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