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People rushing
Time gushing
At a pace too fast
Nothing seems to last
Driven ahead by blind ambition
Floating ahead, without precision
Chasing dreams beyond the horizon
From the rising to the setting sun
Night follows the day gone by
Reassuring themselves with another lie
Terming this tedious journey
As the only life they can see


Fingers drumming

Restless, impatient

Birds on branches- idle

Obliviously humming

While here we are

With glazed expressions

An unease all consuming

No tranquility, no cessions


Much needed is

A luxurious respite

But today I need to toil

So that tomorrow I might


The glowing skies

Grow darker again

A part of me dies

As another day

Slips away in vain


Perpetual struggle

To reach the goal

Blurred as might be

Every neighboring soul


Gasping for breath

Labored with the effort

Can’t afford to stop

Lest I be trampled upon in the dirt

Run along

In this rat race

It’s the norm of the society

To save your face


Who really cares

If you’re happy or not

This is the age

Where bliss can be bought


Don’t you pause

For even a moment

Contemplating here

Is a wasted sentiment

Sport your blinders

And move straight ahead

After all this is the era

Of the living dead

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