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A moment of joy

Followed by infinite sadness

Finding order

In a chaotic mess

Subsequent intensities

Somehow less

Your mind left devoid

A consuming emptiness

Sounds, noise, lights

On the walls press

Disappearing suddenly

Then tranquility, nothingness.


It creeps in, unexpected,

Like a ray of light, stray

With the dawn of

Yet another day


Like a gust of wind

In an arid desert

A mirage that its presence

Will deviously assert


Like the drops of rain

Greedily soaked in

By the parched ground-

An indulgent sin


It will stay, mocking

Teasing what you cherish

Will then disappear, as suddenly as it came

Leaving you bereft, steadily to perish

There are

People close, walking near

Breathing the same air

Yet, somehow, not really here

Then I have you, far away

In a distant place

Yet, tangible your presence

In this surrounding space

The laughter, rings of a sound hollow

The tears refuse to trickle

Impassive, carved in stone

Voices, a monotonous drone


Herds, in numbers large

Throttling me

Slowly but surely, closing in

What is this life, if not a mortal sin?

We are no different

You and I

Cut out of the same cloth

Different, only the rent

Broken inside, damaged

Piecing things together

Concealing scars

From wounds that have aged

I am not strong enough
To see your face
And not be able to, hold it in my palms
Not having the liberty, to lean into your arms
I am not adept at
Concealing my ardor
Having you together with me, so near
Yet, failing to tell you I hold you dear
It’s best I don’t think of you, at all
Keep you at a safe distance
Drown out your tormenting voice
Surround myself, with all this noise
I walk alone, on these empty streets
No reassuring sounds, of shuffling feet
The drops of rain, beating against my face
Sleep walking, in a heavy daze
Hoping, wishing, the water washes away every thought
Erases all traces, memories; of what I once sought
A safe distance, from afar
Hidden, ugly scars
A step closer, uncertain
A glimpse of what’s behind the curtain
An instant too late
Love, replaced by hate
The moment, irreversible
Every deceit, discernible
The dream tarnished
Against my wish
Another disappointment
To my mind lent
Deep within, a familiar stir
Maybe I am simply, looking in the mirror.

A malleability

Inherent to most

Exploited to the fullest

To bring out the worst in the best


Taking the shape

Retaining the form

Of the designed mould

On individuality, losing their hold


Echoing emptily

Reflecting back

Light getting scattered

As they succumb, beat and battered


Around me

Hazy, unclear

Impossible to see



Lost somewhere

Groping blindly

To unearth a layer



Left unanswered

No minds

They stirred



A raging epidemic

The wise ones

Eagerly mimic



Raises unnecessarily

Hopes that will be

Crushed eventually



Dwelling in

Deep recesses

Perpetuating sin



Isn’t enough

To illuminate

This terrain rough



Is the glimmer

Of promises

Feeble, growing dimmer



Is a virtue

No more that

I wish to pursue



Of that gleam

That will shatter

This dream



Setting ablaze

The unawareness

The misty gaze



One fine moment

Of unnatural stillness

There will be clarity

And eternal bliss


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