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We’re merely
A pale imitation of the past
Surrendering to the brute forces of time
Because good times never really last


In the starlight dim, yet clear

The dust plays in front me

Patterns drawn, so near

Fading away quick, roaming free

Reminding me of you

And your haunting memory

Which eludes me too

Before I can grasp or see


A picture clear

Etched in my head

Or an illusion I’ve held on to in fear

Of a past long dead?


Shadows are cast
From the past
Refusing to go
The shadows grow
Long and dark
Leaving a mark
Staining the present
With their presentiment
In this web I’m caught
Tangled, every thought
Contentment a dream
Far too distant that seems
To attain joy unmarred
Oblivious to when I was scarred
An unrealistic goal
Stuck in this dark hole
A gleam of light
In sight
Inching towards it
Bit by bit

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