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A moment of joy

Followed by infinite sadness

Finding order

In a chaotic mess

Subsequent intensities

Somehow less

Your mind left devoid

A consuming emptiness

Sounds, noise, lights

On the walls press

Disappearing suddenly

Then tranquility, nothingness.


The laughter, rings of a sound hollow

The tears refuse to trickle

Impassive, carved in stone

Voices, a monotonous drone


Herds, in numbers large

Throttling me

Slowly but surely, closing in

What is this life, if not a mortal sin?

I continue to run
With the sweat trickling down my face
My eyes burning
My stomach churning
I keep moving forward
Aggravating my pace
My heart, ringing in my ears, a loud thump
Determinedly swallowing, the constrained lump
I run out of breath
Still advancing, gasping, heaving
The scorching heat, making me blind
Yet I keep running, leaving it all behind

A shard of glass
Penetrating my skin
Yet the familiar numbness
Deep within

The blood
Gushing free
Leaving behind stains
For all to see

The limp hand
The dropped knife
The only signs that
I was once alive

My mouth has
A salty aftertaste
Perhaps from the tears
I swallowed in haste
Maybe this is when
I should feel some pain
But my senses seem to be dulled
By the cold pouring rain

The glimmer of a promise
In those bottomless eyes
A practised deception
To conceal blatant lies
An assurance
In the veiled smile
That’d fade away
Before the end of the mile
A tingling warmth
In the gentle touch
With time which may
Not amount to much
Words uttered
But never meant
The fabric of trust
With an irreparable rent

The only remnants
A tangled mess
The pain soon soothed
By a subsequent numbness

Stay awhile here
Calm my fears
Hold my hand
As uncertainly I stand
Lost, more than before
Shaken, to my very core
Tomorrow again
I may become sane
Alone and independent
Deal with the impending dents
Walk upright, in need of no one
Shying away, before I can burn
Curling defensively, to not get hurt
Bottling in, what I should assert

Yes tomorrow, I’ll be myself again
Numb to all the pain
But today, I want to lean
Be free of who I’ve been
So hold my hand and stay here, a while
Walk with me just through this one mile

Living in its fear

With heads, humbly bowed

Dreading the subsequent instant

Where all your breaths could be spent

But for a restricted few

No changes can it bring

A perpetual, mind numbing pain

Life from them, already drained

A survival colder

Than it threatens to bring

One you may only thaw

With your icy claw

A soulless existence

A meaningless consciousness

Death, what is your identity?

You cannot destroy, what could never be

Layers unpeeled
Raw wounds exposed
Ones I believed
Ought to have healed
A fresh sting
Of pain new
Searing through
My very being
On my lips appears
The shadow of a smile
Abetting the pain
That my insides tears
It’s a rare moment
Of coming alive
Knowing you’re more than
Having your breaths spent

I have no voice

So I make no sound

In the past when I did

No listening ear it found


I have no convictions

So I don’t put them forward

Whenever I’ve done so

No soul have they stirred


I wander now

Jaded, aimless

I just wish

It pained a little less

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