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If I were a bird

I would fly away

Carefree, unheard

Finding a new way


If I were the breeze

I would flow,  independent

As I please, with ease

Solace to a traveller lent


If  I were the sky

Expansive and infinite

Raindrops falling as I cry

To express my plight


I wish I was anything

But a mediocre mortal

Hurting with each sting

Trapped with no escape portal


Dealing with fallacies

All too human

Crushed idealistic fancies

A scenario so common


Seeking a metamorphosis

Evolved to cope

With a world like this

Devoid of hope



People passing by
Yet making no difference
The fake smiles and acknowledgements
Then again the bridge, the distance…

Hesitant to let loose
Scared to get close
What those conniving minds contrive
Who really knows?

The deep rooted insecurities
Lingering fear of the unknown
Alas no one sees through it all
And i’m accused of a heart of stone…

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