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I am sharing you
With the grey skies, overcast
The sound of thunder
The drizzles that last
I am sharing you 
With the people on the streets
The bowed heads
The shuffling feet
I am sharing you 
With their devouring eyes
The truth in their depths
The barely disguised lies
I have to let go, the end is near
It’s not that I never, held you dear
It was perhaps love, I did care
I just have never, learnt to share
Stay still besides me
Your steady breathing
Your fluttering dress
The only evidence
Of your existence
Watch with me
The stars and the moon
The darkness gradually falling
The tranquil night calling
Us, together, as one
Escaping before the rise of the sun

You are to me

The blood that rushes to my fingers
Benumbed with the cold
The warmth diffusing slowly
As your hand I tenaciously hold

You are to me

The first ray of sunlight
Filtered through the darkness
Lighting up my face
And every other dark recess

You are to me

The drops of water, cool and steady
On the desert parched for too long
The lingering smell that follows
And the childhood rain song

We are lovers
Like the crest and the trough
of a wave
Close, yet never meeting
Glimpses, intimacy
for moments fleeting
Carried together
To the shore
For wanting more

There may be times
When we choose
Paths different
Each other then, we may lose
We may not have
A fight in us, left anymore
To try and nurse
The wounds already sore
Distances may grow
After choices we’ve made
When time mercilessly
Causes our memory to fade

Would you then remember me
And still cherish all that we used to be?

In the starlight dim, yet clear

The dust plays in front me

Patterns drawn, so near

Fading away quick, roaming free

Reminding me of you

And your haunting memory

Which eludes me too

Before I can grasp or see


A picture clear

Etched in my head

Or an illusion I’ve held on to in fear

Of a past long dead?


Love me like the love of a child
Unconditionally, without guile

Love me like lyrics love melody
Because without each other, incomplete they be

Love me like a bird loves the sky blue
Which sets it free, the privilege of a few

Love me like the tree loves the sun bright
Burning it, yet nurturing it right

Love me like I’ve been loved never before
With every heartbeat, your very core

And that love, let me see in your eyes
Even if all of it, is mere lies

This fire consumes me
Swallowing me whole
The flames burn intensely
Right through my soul
Yet the cold showers
I seek not to attain
This blanket of heat engulfing me
Momentarily, makes me forget all pain

The deceit

The pretences

The crumbling of

Well built defences


Letting in

Despite better judgement

Consequently regretting

The hurtful infringement


Letting yourself dream

Giving a chance to fate

Aching with time

Withering with hate


Crying to sleep

Empty nights

Hard to tell

The wrong from right


The bitterness

The burning pain

The salty tears

Streaming down like rain


Buying lies

Succumbing to emotions

Losing grip on

Your logical notions


Believing in

Fleeting hallucinations

Trying to grasp those

Intangible fascinations


I’ll eventually

Grow out of them

Be left with the sin

Of being hollow within



I run

I chase

For that fleeting glimpse

That evasive face


I struggle

I try

To attain that state

Fulfill my fate


I pine

I long

To grasp and to get hold

To finish the story untold


I covet

I ache

Looking for a deeper meaning

A lasting support for leaning


I surrender

I give up

Beyond the horizon I focus

Oblivious to this frenzied circus


If it has to

It eventually will

Accomplish that feat

Find me, make me complete

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