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It’s drizzling

Drops like pearls flowing

Elevating my mood

Without knowing


There’s lightening

And roaring thunder

The world outside

Going asunder


Yet here I sit

Cradling my

Favorite book

With a wistful sigh


Entangled in

The lives of those

Characters painted

Surreal, yet too close


Then there is

The faint music

Feeling melancholy

I’d always pick


This is me

In my own little world

At peace with the warmth

On the sofa, curled


Dreading the reality

Outside my bubble

Perplexed as to why

I need to undergo that trouble


Where stories don’t

Go the way you’d want them to

Where you wish you could

Be the author of life too


Where people may not

Arouse these sentiments

Which my favorite things

To me have lent


Yet life moves on

Wading through the muck

In the same vicious cycle

Even if we seem to be stuck



Your lips
Silent they stay
But your eyes
Give it all away
You feel you don’t
Believe in love
Just look up
At the skies above
The stars
They shine
It’s for you
That I pine

Come to me now
I don’t care how
We’ll figure out a way
Together as we silently lay

As I wait
Biding my time
Holding your smell
Infinitely sublime
These days blur
At a pace so slow
There’s so much to say
I wish you’d know

Now I need you by my side
We’ll get through these roaring tides
In madness we threw it away
A mistake I live with, every single day

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