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Tag Archives: Morality

Trampling upon fellow beings

Without regret or remorse

To serve what end

Do they adopt this course?


Flitting from one

Relation to another

Not a trace of guilt

To slaughter their own brothers


No question of

Word or honor

Pouncing at every

Victim they corner


Freedom and independence

A crumbling sham

Death of free will

At their own bloody hands


Driven ahead unaware by

Ulterior motives solely

Souls being infested by

Moral depravity wholly


Affectations galore

To achieve selfish goals

The sanctity of candor

An ugly beast stole


Now rendered

Empty shells

Consciously brought about

This infernal hell


It’s all a part of the game

Survival of the fittest is the name


I kept silent

Quietly lay


When I wished to hurl

Accusations your way


I looked past

The pain I felt


Bottling it up

With it I dealt


I forgave and forgot

Or tried to do so


The path well trodden

Wasn’t the way to go


Always taking

The higher road


Above it all

A noble moral code


Why do I

Need to be better


Succumb to virtue

A layered fetter


I am not

Above it all


The mightier they are

The harder they fall


I shall stoop

As low as the others


Lest my virtue is what

Gets me smothered

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