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The infinite expanse, of a shared sky

Perhaps, the same cracked roads

Everyday, every hour

Passing us by

An intangible thread

Not discovered, yet

A mounting tension

Steadily bred

Questions unanswered

Fancies crafted

A fleeting feeling, hope

Warily stirred



As I sit here, with the sun setting low

The pages of my diary, reminiscent of you

I wonder if the smudged words are coming together

Because of my tears, or the evening dew

While you may be in another world, unaware

Finding love in the arms, of a woman new


Write me letters
That smell of you
Words splattered
With early morning dew
Raw thoughts
Thrown around
As you pour your heart
I hear their sound
Tease me with a
Long silence
Building anticipation
A wait, taut, tense
Let me get consumed
By the spaces in between
The lines you’ve written
And those I’ve seen
Beg me not
To see your face
To feel your presence
Or cover this space
For if we met
It would only lead
To bitter disappointment
Caused by the greed

Selective revelations


Only certain confidences

Passing through the sieve


Contradictions in

Your earnest voice, your shifty eyes

Give me a reason, to be blind

Give me a reason, to believe your lies


Would it change anything
If now if I said
I loved you
And this time, the words were true?
If this once
They didn’t echo
Of hollow emptiness
Would it make the pain any less?
Or is it too late
To go back
To make any amends
While you believe I merely pretend?
A safe distance, from afar
Hidden, ugly scars
A step closer, uncertain
A glimpse of what’s behind the curtain
An instant too late
Love, replaced by hate
The moment, irreversible
Every deceit, discernible
The dream tarnished
Against my wish
Another disappointment
To my mind lent
Deep within, a familiar stir
Maybe I am simply, looking in the mirror.

In the starlight dim, yet clear

The dust plays in front me

Patterns drawn, so near

Fading away quick, roaming free

Reminding me of you

And your haunting memory

Which eludes me too

Before I can grasp or see


A picture clear

Etched in my head

Or an illusion I’ve held on to in fear

Of a past long dead?


A slipping thought

To retain I sought


A shadowy sillhoutte

In the darkness set


A stolen glance

Betrayed by the stance


A muffled scream

Amidst a broken dream


A fleeting image

Destroyed on stage


Gnawing at the conscious

Flashes too precious

Where have those words I cherish

Abandoned me to perish?


When incidents become important

The phrases to express them seem distant

Futile is trying to capture

Impressions at this juncture


I am an impostor

Wearing the cloak

Of affected emotions

To suit the situations


I am a cheat

Wrapping myself

In practised mannerisms

To escape cataclysms


I am a liar

Swathed in blankets

Of fabrications and deceit

Survival being the primary feat


Who to blame

For this facade

Consciously posed

Or falsely imposed?

The deceit

The pretences

The crumbling of

Well built defences


Letting in

Despite better judgement

Consequently regretting

The hurtful infringement


Letting yourself dream

Giving a chance to fate

Aching with time

Withering with hate


Crying to sleep

Empty nights

Hard to tell

The wrong from right


The bitterness

The burning pain

The salty tears

Streaming down like rain


Buying lies

Succumbing to emotions

Losing grip on

Your logical notions


Believing in

Fleeting hallucinations

Trying to grasp those

Intangible fascinations


I’ll eventually

Grow out of them

Be left with the sin

Of being hollow within



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