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It was a warm morning
that smelled of mildew
interspersed with the
fragrance of flowers, few

You felt familiar
fingers intertwined
That steady pulse,
your hand in mine

The sunlight reflected
in those pools of brown
Our shallow breathing;
the only sound

Those mornings now
haunt me, teasingly
As I mull over the futility
of something, that could never be




We know not
What the future holds
Unpredictability, perhaps
Truths, untold
So we derive
Comfort false
Holding on, uncertainly
As the present, crumbles and falls
Leaving behind
Husks empty
An intangible pull
When you thought you were free



We’ll emerge

Stronger with time

Keeping close,

Your hand in mine

Battling plentiful odds

Against us, stacked

For you, and your presence

Is what this life lacks

So I’ll wait,

With eternal patience

Viewing life,

Through this rosy lens

I want you here,

By my side

In a world cold

I always deride

I wish you would

Take my hand

Whisk me away

To another land

I need you here

To hold me close

Silently exchange words,

That nobody knows


The infinite expanse, of a shared sky

Perhaps, the same cracked roads

Everyday, every hour

Passing us by

An intangible thread

Not discovered, yet

A mounting tension

Steadily bred

Questions unanswered

Fancies crafted

A fleeting feeling, hope

Warily stirred

If tomorrow
I disappear
Do not pursue me
Shed not a tear
Cherish me as
A silent memory
A thing that perhaps,
Could not be

It’s cold

Icicles forming on

Window panes

Slowly, steadily

Melting, the water flows

Freely, unchecked

Like tears would

Had they been let loose

When our insides

Are wrecked

It creeps in, unexpected,

Like a ray of light, stray

With the dawn of

Yet another day


Like a gust of wind

In an arid desert

A mirage that its presence

Will deviously assert


Like the drops of rain

Greedily soaked in

By the parched ground-

An indulgent sin


It will stay, mocking

Teasing what you cherish

Will then disappear, as suddenly as it came

Leaving you bereft, steadily to perish

Be the wind
On an infernal day
Caressing me
As the willows sway

Be the moon
On a starlit night
Easing the darkness
Teasing my sight

Be the first few
Drops of rain
The deluge washing
Away all pain

Be my love
Through it all
Be the one to
Break my fall

The hand that hits

The words that hurt

Strength do not

But cowardice assert

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