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It was a warm morning
that smelled of mildew
interspersed with the
fragrance of flowers, few

You felt familiar
fingers intertwined
That steady pulse,
your hand in mine

The sunlight reflected
in those pools of brown
Our shallow breathing;
the only sound

Those mornings now
haunt me, teasingly
As I mull over the futility
of something, that could never be


It creeps in, unexpected,

Like a ray of light, stray

With the dawn of

Yet another day


Like a gust of wind

In an arid desert

A mirage that its presence

Will deviously assert


Like the drops of rain

Greedily soaked in

By the parched ground-

An indulgent sin


It will stay, mocking

Teasing what you cherish

Will then disappear, as suddenly as it came

Leaving you bereft, steadily to perish

I may forget the promises you made, the words you spoke

But I will remember, the ripples, in my dead heart they evoked


I may forget the journeys we made, the places we visited

But I will remember, how you took my hand in yours, when we were seated


I may forget the times we fought, parted with bitterness

But I will remember, how gently, later, my face you caressed


I may forget if we ever spoke of an uncertain future, a tomorrow that may not come

But I remember you easing my fears, as in my ear, you whispered those tranquilizing hums


I wish I could and would forget, all at once, let it go

Yet, I keep struggling, attempting, to find a way to do so

Your presence, grains of sand
Slipping away from my tenacious hands

The tighter I clasp
Further compromised my grasp

Wise would be, to release it
Than cling to every fragmented bit

Sown now, the seeds of deception
Altered are well established perceptions

Cubes of ice

Held in my palm

Melting away

In the warmth of the day


Filtered sunlight

Illuminating the walls

Then darkening to a shade of gray

As the sun decides to quietly lay


Accepting change

As it comes

Resistance, a wasted effort

Brings only lingering hurt


Living in

A haunted memory

Scared to see

The harsh reality


Holding on-

A thought alien

Letting go

Is all I know


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