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Living in its fear

With heads, humbly bowed

Dreading the subsequent instant

Where all your breaths could be spent

But for a restricted few

No changes can it bring

A perpetual, mind numbing pain

Life from them, already drained

A survival colder

Than it threatens to bring

One you may only thaw

With your icy claw

A soulless existence

A meaningless consciousness

Death, what is your identity?

You cannot destroy, what could never be


Engulfed by

A million faces

Blank stares reflected

From open spaces

Lost in the

Callous herd

Where I shout

But go unheard

Learning to

Keep it all in

Voicing myself

An unpardonable sin

Struggling valiantly

It’s hard

In the start

To play the right card

With time

You get better

At breaking free

From the restraining fetter

Mastering the

Ways of the world

Living in my shell

Comfortably curled

I’ve been accused

Of a heart of stone

Maybe because I choose

To walk alone

I’ve been written off

As cold

Because I let go of

Whatever I hold

Indifferent and stoic

I’ve heard people say

Criticizing and carping

A lot about my ways

What do they know

Of intensities I feel

A surge of emotions with

Which I covertly deal

What do they understand

Of the capacities of

My very essence that

They blatantly scoff

Ignorant are they

Of my perceptions

Maybe because I refuse

To indulge them with elaborations

One day they may see

What they’ve been blind to

The latent emotions

They are incapable of feeling too

Then I may

Have the last laugh

Beat them in their

Very own craft


I am not stubborn

I’ve just been submissive

For far too long

Being exploited all along


I am not adamant

I’m just tired of

Yielding every time

For no reason or rhyme


I am not obstinate

It’s just high time

I took a stand

As opposed to – withstand


I’m not obdurate

I am just weary

Of being burnt in the pyre

Or stuck in this quagmire


I’m not callous

But there needs to be

A line drawn somewhere

I ought to not care


I’m not hardened

Just that I have seen

Things go wrong

Because I wasn’t strong


So brand me apathetic

Or adjudge me as cold

I need to raise my voice

To be heard over the noise

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