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A moment of joy

Followed by infinite sadness

Finding order

In a chaotic mess

Subsequent intensities

Somehow less

Your mind left devoid

A consuming emptiness

Sounds, noise, lights

On the walls press

Disappearing suddenly

Then tranquility, nothingness.


I have it all

I am, who I’ve desired to be

Yet, it all, somehow

Feels strangely empty


Vacant glances

Reflecting nothing

Resounding echoes

Flying, with broken wings



The laughter, rings of a sound hollow

The tears refuse to trickle

Impassive, carved in stone

Voices, a monotonous drone


Herds, in numbers large

Throttling me

Slowly but surely, closing in

What is this life, if not a mortal sin?

My mouth has
A salty aftertaste
Perhaps from the tears
I swallowed in haste
Maybe this is when
I should feel some pain
But my senses seem to be dulled
By the cold pouring rain

Stay awhile here
Calm my fears
Hold my hand
As uncertainly I stand
Lost, more than before
Shaken, to my very core
Tomorrow again
I may become sane
Alone and independent
Deal with the impending dents
Walk upright, in need of no one
Shying away, before I can burn
Curling defensively, to not get hurt
Bottling in, what I should assert

Yes tomorrow, I’ll be myself again
Numb to all the pain
But today, I want to lean
Be free of who I’ve been
So hold my hand and stay here, a while
Walk with me just through this one mile

Layers unpeeled
Raw wounds exposed
Ones I believed
Ought to have healed
A fresh sting
Of pain new
Searing through
My very being
On my lips appears
The shadow of a smile
Abetting the pain
That my insides tears
It’s a rare moment
Of coming alive
Knowing you’re more than
Having your breaths spent

I wish I’d know

But I don’t


What they mean

When they talk of love

The eternal promises

Of the heavens above


What they refer to

When they talk of

Undying friendships

That I coldly scoff


What warmth they bask in

When glowing with pride

In the joy of another

A dear one beside


What allusions they make

Gushing and blabbering

When superfluous with sentiment

Lauding those neighbouring


I wish I’d know

But I don’t


Always a by stander

Watching things go by

No lingering traces

Of contentment to make me sigh





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