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It gets cold in here

Without the warmth

Of your body flowing

Ceaselessly, into me dear


I am barely alive

Every breath a struggle

Every thought

To conjure, I strive


There are people, in scores

Surrounding me

Yet for survival, I need

You, and I shall ask for no more.


Stay still besides me
Your steady breathing
Your fluttering dress
The only evidence
Of your existence
Watch with me
The stars and the moon
The darkness gradually falling
The tranquil night calling
Us, together, as one
Escaping before the rise of the sun

It was easier to survive
When I didn’t know life
I could then deal with pain
Soaking my disappointment in the rain
From things I never had, walk away
Beyond mortals, my happiness lay
It was easier to let go
When the pace was slow
The rhythm predefined by the past
No longer can last
An anomaly putting me to test
Not very different from the rest
Challenged are well established beliefs
As leaves falling from burdened trees

A chilled breeze

And the pleasant taste

Of the salty sea

Reviving me


Shutting my eyes

Devouring the feel

Of wind in my hair

Without a care


The grains of sand

Slipping away

Yet on my fingers

Their feel lingers


The cold water

Caressing my feet

Undulating reflections

Simmering emotions


In this moment

It seems natural

To break free

Just be me


Happiness here is

Not a mere fancy

If only I could freeze this moment

And all that it has ever meant


Time may fly away

At a blurring speed

It’d be worthwhile

If only I can stay here a while

The soothing winds

The mellow sun

A walk of solace

To an unknown place


The unadulterated bliss

Of a  starry night

Staring at the sky

No soul nearby


The undulating waters

Letting me float

Away to nowhere

Without a care


The sounds of

People chattering

A part of the audience

Watching it through the lens


A touching harmony

A fleeting glimpse

A passing thought

Of what I once sought


The most intimate of

The happiest hours

Or the silent moans

Are all, enjoyed alone



When was the last time

I blindly trusted

An open heart that isn’t

With skepticism rusted?


I don’t remember

Grasping happiness

Engulfed in cynicism

What all do I miss?


When did I last

Laugh till I cried?

That part of me

Withered and died


Been long since I

Followed my instinct

Not demarcate logic

With boundaries so distinct


Why have I never

Loved completely

Been too scared of

Being written off as silly


A path I chose

With a rational mind

Or running away from things

I rather leave behind?


Living for myself

Letting no one in

A game I lose

Even when I win

I run

I chase

For that fleeting glimpse

That evasive face


I struggle

I try

To attain that state

Fulfill my fate


I pine

I long

To grasp and to get hold

To finish the story untold


I covet

I ache

Looking for a deeper meaning

A lasting support for leaning


I surrender

I give up

Beyond the horizon I focus

Oblivious to this frenzied circus


If it has to

It eventually will

Accomplish that feat

Find me, make me complete

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