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Write me letters
That smell of you
Words splattered
With early morning dew
Raw thoughts
Thrown around
As you pour your heart
I hear their sound
Tease me with a
Long silence
Building anticipation
A wait, taut, tense
Let me get consumed
By the spaces in between
The lines you’ve written
And those I’ve seen
Beg me not
To see your face
To feel your presence
Or cover this space
For if we met
It would only lead
To bitter disappointment
Caused by the greed

We’re merely
A pale imitation of the past
Surrendering to the brute forces of time
Because good times never really last

You are to me

The blood that rushes to my fingers
Benumbed with the cold
The warmth diffusing slowly
As your hand I tenaciously hold

You are to me

The first ray of sunlight
Filtered through the darkness
Lighting up my face
And every other dark recess

You are to me

The drops of water, cool and steady
On the desert parched for too long
The lingering smell that follows
And the childhood rain song

Space, an infinite expanse
Stretching endlessly
You and me
Yet, there is so much
That we still share
The light from the moon
The stars at which we patiently stare
The same bittersweet
Binding us
In time, they freeze
I fervently hope, tomorrow
The warmth does not
Melt the frozen moments, timeless
Washing away all that we’ve got

Stay awhile here
Calm my fears
Hold my hand
As uncertainly I stand
Lost, more than before
Shaken, to my very core
Tomorrow again
I may become sane
Alone and independent
Deal with the impending dents
Walk upright, in need of no one
Shying away, before I can burn
Curling defensively, to not get hurt
Bottling in, what I should assert

Yes tomorrow, I’ll be myself again
Numb to all the pain
But today, I want to lean
Be free of who I’ve been
So hold my hand and stay here, a while
Walk with me just through this one mile

There may be times
When we choose
Paths different
Each other then, we may lose
We may not have
A fight in us, left anymore
To try and nurse
The wounds already sore
Distances may grow
After choices we’ve made
When time mercilessly
Causes our memory to fade

Would you then remember me
And still cherish all that we used to be?

Too much to say, too little time
The intimacy of a confidant new
The comfort and warmth
Steadily they brew
Lost in the moments
Always too few
From dusk to twilight
Sunsets to morning dew
Slowly, time catching up
Beating us in the race
As we begin to struggle
To fill in this space
Growing between us
Slowly but surely
Threatening to prick the bubble
With it’s reality, wholly
And now as this oppressive silence
With its cold blanket, engulfs you and me
I dimly wish we could go back
To being who we used to be

I let flow, unchecked
The tears I’ve held in for so long
Trying to treasure them
Lest they fall, and get lost in this throng

Now though, I see a ray
A glimmer of hope, surging
Willing me to, let them out
Live the liberation they bring

So today, I freely
Without inhibitions, shed some tears
Because I have with me
Someone who’ll then, hold me near

I think not of you
As a passing fancy
I will you to not be
Merely transitory
I consider you not
To be a fleeting thought
I wish you to be the
Answers I’ve always sought
I don’t see you as stars
That fade with the next dawn
But the cool flowing breeze
I’d like to hold on to, adorn
So stay with me
In this moment, here
Stay for as long as I
Can hold you dear
Tomorrow may come
Bringing uncertainty
Today though
This is meant to be

Today, I love you
As I’ve never before
From the deepest recesses of my heart
From my very being, my core
Tomorrow though
Shall come a new day
Will this feeling then
Continue to stay?
My mind is as fickle
As a child’s would be
Never for long dwelling
On a distraction, whose fate I could see
I beg it to shower some mercy
Not make me a victim of its play
But it pays no heed, to my earnest pleas
And continues with the breeze, to freely sway

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