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Loving you, is a bittersweet heartache
There is, too much of me at stake

I’ll forget the promises, the twinkle in your eyes
I’ll even erase the scars caused by your lies
The wounds will, with time heal
My nerves again, shall harden to steel

If you and I, we’d met another day
Perhaps, I’d plead you to stay
I can’t live that dream, not yet
I wish, despairingly, we’d never met

With the dawn of a day new
Tomorrow, I will no longer love you


Stay awhile here
Calm my fears
Hold my hand
As uncertainly I stand
Lost, more than before
Shaken, to my very core
Tomorrow again
I may become sane
Alone and independent
Deal with the impending dents
Walk upright, in need of no one
Shying away, before I can burn
Curling defensively, to not get hurt
Bottling in, what I should assert

Yes tomorrow, I’ll be myself again
Numb to all the pain
But today, I want to lean
Be free of who I’ve been
So hold my hand and stay here, a while
Walk with me just through this one mile

I think not of you
As a passing fancy
I will you to not be
Merely transitory
I consider you not
To be a fleeting thought
I wish you to be the
Answers I’ve always sought
I don’t see you as stars
That fade with the next dawn
But the cool flowing breeze
I’d like to hold on to, adorn
So stay with me
In this moment, here
Stay for as long as I
Can hold you dear
Tomorrow may come
Bringing uncertainty
Today though
This is meant to be

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