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Loving you, is a bittersweet heartache
There is, too much of me at stake

I’ll forget the promises, the twinkle in your eyes
I’ll even erase the scars caused by your lies
The wounds will, with time heal
My nerves again, shall harden to steel

If you and I, we’d met another day
Perhaps, I’d plead you to stay
I can’t live that dream, not yet
I wish, despairingly, we’d never met

With the dawn of a day new
Tomorrow, I will no longer love you

I thought of you
I was thine
I thought again, and cried
Because you weren’t mine
Not in a way, I desire
No you are not, consumed by this fire
I’d rather you not love me, ever
It is better to be loved wholly, or never
No I wish not to live, a pale imitation of it
That will kill me every day, bit by bit
Teasing me, with what could have been
Not just a wretched lie, or a passing dream



The bright clear skies

Mirrored in the sea

The glistening sillhouettes

Of the skyline, floating free


Their images disrupting

The canvas deep blue

The ephemeral imprints

False, yet true


Diffusion of colors

As the globe of yellow

Merges with  turquoise

The envelope becoming mellow


Shadows growing longer

City lights blinding the eyes

Some idealists chasing dreams

The others, settling for lies

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