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I am not stubborn

I’ve just been submissive

For far too long

Being exploited all along


I am not adamant

I’m just tired of

Yielding every time

For no reason or rhyme


I am not obstinate

It’s just high time

I took a stand

As opposed to – withstand


I’m not obdurate

I am just weary

Of being burnt in the pyre

Or stuck in this quagmire


I’m not callous

But there needs to be

A line drawn somewhere

I ought to not care


I’m not hardened

Just that I have seen

Things go wrong

Because I wasn’t strong


So brand me apathetic

Or adjudge me as cold

I need to raise my voice

To be heard over the noise


All of them the same

A common constitution

Varied are the names

If need be, you’ll just be

Another pawn

In their dirty games


Just a rung

In their ladder

To illustrious success

Stepped upon

Without a qualm

You were always too naive to assess


A mere doormat

Eager to oblige

With their dirty feet

Wiped over you

You still crave further

To be more broken and beat

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