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The infinite expanse, of a shared sky

Perhaps, the same cracked roads

Everyday, every hour

Passing us by

An intangible thread

Not discovered, yet

A mounting tension

Steadily bred

Questions unanswered

Fancies crafted

A fleeting feeling, hope

Warily stirred

There were stars twinkling that night
Some dim, others shining bright
The wind blew carelessly, free
The faint outlines of the moon, I could see
You spoke words, earnest, full of promise
I could taste your breath, in that fleeting kiss
And then you disappeared, into the dark
Leaving behind, an imperishable mark
I raised my hand, but let it fall
My voice drowned out, before I could call
It was best to let you walk away, after these moments intimate
Than prolong elusive fancies, till the love turned to hate
Write me letters
That smell of you
Words splattered
With early morning dew
Raw thoughts
Thrown around
As you pour your heart
I hear their sound
Tease me with a
Long silence
Building anticipation
A wait, taut, tense
Let me get consumed
By the spaces in between
The lines you’ve written
And those I’ve seen
Beg me not
To see your face
To feel your presence
Or cover this space
For if we met
It would only lead
To bitter disappointment
Caused by the greed
A safe distance, from afar
Hidden, ugly scars
A step closer, uncertain
A glimpse of what’s behind the curtain
An instant too late
Love, replaced by hate
The moment, irreversible
Every deceit, discernible
The dream tarnished
Against my wish
Another disappointment
To my mind lent
Deep within, a familiar stir
Maybe I am simply, looking in the mirror.

A bubble tense
Encompassing you and me
Beyond which only
A certain haze we see
Comfortable here
In these moments priceless
The shadows of reality
Though on its walls may press
Threatening its existence
With the tiniest prick
Like a gust of wind
Blowing over a meek wick
Letting the world outside
Remain indistinct, blurry
Restricting ourselves to comprehend
Only what we wish to see

I watch you from afar
In a hazy night
Among others
A distinctly bright star

I admire your ways
As I gingerly tread
On the road leading to you
Beyond the horizon, where my heart lays

Drawn by an intangible force
Progressively increasing
My deliberated pace
As I get pulled towards its source

Alas, as I come close I see
My eyes focussing on
A picture tainted by
The shadows surrounding me

I retreat, walking back
Yet the sullied memory
Of your true visage, prevails
Because I seek,what you seem to lack.

A crafted delusion
An elusive illusion
Hard to grasp
Difficult to clasp
Tougher even to
Do what I do
Release my grip
Let it slip
I hold on helplessly
Succumbing to silent pleas
A victim of my own design
Crossing the well set lines
Walking over to a land new
Reserved for the privileged few

If super imposition

Could change facts

To life I’d bring

The songs I sing


The pictures I paint

With glowing colours

May then translate

To reality, against odds of fate


Yet the true

And disappointing

Picture I see

Clashes with reality



Some times though

It’s hard to lie

To blur facts I see

Far too clearly


In those moments

Of perfect stillness

I see it all

But the tears don’t fall


The scene frozen in time

Of facts too harsh

Denial takes over

I find another cover


To fuel my fantasy

Live the illusion

Lulled into false security

With images outwardly pretty


Call it faith

Pass it off as goodwill

Your prayers won’t undo

Any of those sins too ill


Worship those

Stones you’ve glorified

Even if sound reason

At every level they’ve defied


Bow your heads

And fold your hands

Console yourselves

With whatever sham you can


Kneeling down abashedly

In front of supposed deities

Will not clean the slate

Even if it earns you pities

Leave it all

To his mercy

A blindfold through which

You stubbornly refuse to see

Surrender reason

To blind belief

Hoping it’d help you

Turn over a new leaf

Your sins will cling

Despite your flimsy efforts

Try hard as you may

You won’t wipe off the dirt

But you need to

Find some solace

A social consolation

In a holy place

So go ahead

Nurture those delusions

After all they keep alive

Your comfortable illusions

Impose not your

Perceptions and presumptions

They aren’t the cure

To those heaps of delusions

Leave me alone

Let me be

Whatever you do

Don’t pretend to know me


Live me in your head

If you please

Build me up

With effortless ease

Picture me as it may

Suit your far fetched fancies

Nurture them all you want

To extents you please


There’s more to me

Than meets the eye

You would’ve known

If you had the time to try

Now you make

Sweeping claims

Affecting insights

Shoving down blames


I am through

With your images of me

Time to let go

Merely be free

You can now live

With your affectations

Your convoluted mind’s

Crafty creations

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