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There may be times
When we choose
Paths different
Each other then, we may lose
We may not have
A fight in us, left anymore
To try and nurse
The wounds already sore
Distances may grow
After choices we’ve made
When time mercilessly
Causes our memory to fade

Would you then remember me
And still cherish all that we used to be?



Forked ways

Running is necessary

Numbered are my days


Why then these

Deliberated paths

Fueling my

Barely suppressed wrath?


At every corner

Making choices

Listening to some

While drowning other voices


The decisions

To walk away

Pushed away by the

Helplessness to stay


Convictions that are

Sprouting anew

The blurring past

A collage of wrong views


Conflicting thoughts

Clashing hard

Mandatory it is to

Play the right card


Wrong inferences

Inevitably fatal

One wrong gesture and

You’re rendered a fable.

It’s not that

I wish to sway

There seems to be

No alternative way


It’s harder than ever

To stand my ground

The voice in my head

Being drowned by these sounds


Progressively difficult

To adhere to my notions

Uphold my beliefs

In all this commotion


I’ve tried and failed

Time and again

Nothing left to lose

Zilch to gain


Might as well

See things differently

Not be bound

To exist so prudently


In regret and remorse

Tomorrow I’ll wallow

The part of me I know

An alter ego shall swallow


Led on still

By an instinctive desire

Knowing full well I’ll be

Destroyed by this fire


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