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A shard of glass
Penetrating my skin
Yet the familiar numbness
Deep within

The blood
Gushing free
Leaving behind stains
For all to see

The limp hand
The dropped knife
The only signs that
I was once alive


A dizzy
Journey downwards
A muted scream
Swallowing all words
A consuming
Wave of emotions
Dreading the
End of this commotion
Spiraling into
The strange nothingness
With the pain seeming less

I won’t be there
To, as they say
Bid you your final goodbye
On your last day
I hope you will
Be generous enough to forgive me
For I cannot, and will not
Come there to see-
Devoid of their spark
Lifeless, your eyes
Once which reflected
The sunny skies
Your skin shrivelled
With age, and what it brings
You, a helpless victim
Of the tune time sings
I will not
Watch you die
As prostrate, awaiting
The final moment you lie
I do not wish to be defeated
As I, in vain strive
Against reality, in my head
To keep you alive

Life seems like a
Fast moving train
Sometimes, I let my hand out
To feel the pouring rain
A merry go round
Blurring my vision
Yet my thoughts taking shape
With alarming precision
A free fall
From a mountain high
Scared of hitting the ground
Yet wanting to, peacefully lie

Living in its fear

With heads, humbly bowed

Dreading the subsequent instant

Where all your breaths could be spent

But for a restricted few

No changes can it bring

A perpetual, mind numbing pain

Life from them, already drained

A survival colder

Than it threatens to bring

One you may only thaw

With your icy claw

A soulless existence

A meaningless consciousness

Death, what is your identity?

You cannot destroy, what could never be

If tommorow

I wriggled in pain

Who would rush

To keep me sane?


If tomorrow

I simply disappear

How many would say

They held me dear?


If tomorrow

I faded away

Will my memory

Last for a day?


If tomorrow

I embrace death

Will there be someone

When I take the last breath?


Maybe it will be

My shadow and I

Walking towards darkness

Ending the inconspicuous lie


In the blackness then

My shadow will desert me

As for myself

The new dawn I’ll see

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