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Stay still besides me
Your steady breathing
Your fluttering dress
The only evidence
Of your existence
Watch with me
The stars and the moon
The darkness gradually falling
The tranquil night calling
Us, together, as one
Escaping before the rise of the sun

Sprinkling a brighter hue
On monotones of gray
Like fresh drops of morning dew
Bestowed upon petals that lay,
Through the darkness, waiting for the sunlight
A glimmer of hope, fleeting
Discernible enough, teasing their sight
Where the expanse blue and horizon, seem to be meeting
An evanescent ray, fading too soon
Betwixt clouds clustered on a gloomy day
A bane, or a veiled boon?
Perhaps order, gone astray.

There’s a thick haze
Around stars I see at night
Obstructing the path of my gaze
Making it all seem less bright
The moon takes cover
Behind clouds damp
Refusing to shower
It’s light on the swamp
In the faint, yet distinct moonlight
That has betrayed it’s source
There’s a strange quality to the night
Making uncertain its further course
I wait for the heavy mist to rise
For the clouds to clear away
I no longer can strain my eyes
To find the correct way


Around me

Hazy, unclear

Impossible to see



Lost somewhere

Groping blindly

To unearth a layer



Left unanswered

No minds

They stirred



A raging epidemic

The wise ones

Eagerly mimic



Raises unnecessarily

Hopes that will be

Crushed eventually



Dwelling in

Deep recesses

Perpetuating sin



Isn’t enough

To illuminate

This terrain rough



Is the glimmer

Of promises

Feeble, growing dimmer



Is a virtue

No more that

I wish to pursue



Of that gleam

That will shatter

This dream



Setting ablaze

The unawareness

The misty gaze



One fine moment

Of unnatural stillness

There will be clarity

And eternal bliss


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