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There are

People close, walking near

Breathing the same air

Yet, somehow, not really here

Then I have you, far away

In a distant place

Yet, tangible your presence

In this surrounding space


The laughter, rings of a sound hollow

The tears refuse to trickle

Impassive, carved in stone

Voices, a monotonous drone


Herds, in numbers large

Throttling me

Slowly but surely, closing in

What is this life, if not a mortal sin?

I am not strong enough
To see your face
And not be able to, hold it in my palms
Not having the liberty, to lean into your arms
I am not adept at
Concealing my ardor
Having you together with me, so near
Yet, failing to tell you I hold you dear
It’s best I don’t think of you, at all
Keep you at a safe distance
Drown out your tormenting voice
Surround myself, with all this noise

Engulfed by

A million faces

Blank stares reflected

From open spaces

Lost in the

Callous herd

Where I shout

But go unheard

Learning to

Keep it all in

Voicing myself

An unpardonable sin

Struggling valiantly

It’s hard

In the start

To play the right card

With time

You get better

At breaking free

From the restraining fetter

Mastering the

Ways of the world

Living in my shell

Comfortably curled

A malleability

Inherent to most

Exploited to the fullest

To bring out the worst in the best


Taking the shape

Retaining the form

Of the designed mould

On individuality, losing their hold


Echoing emptily

Reflecting back

Light getting scattered

As they succumb, beat and battered

Staring blankly

Beyond the horizon


Trying to shut my mind

By looking at the sinking sun


Surrounding myself

With deafening crowds


Insights I rather not see

Covered with these shrouds


Hard as I try

Answers escape me


Thick fog settling now

I fail to see clearly


I dont want to

Think anymore


I rather just let the tide

Drift me to the shore

I have no voice

So I make no sound

In the past when I did

No listening ear it found


I have no convictions

So I don’t put them forward

Whenever I’ve done so

No soul have they stirred


I wander now

Jaded, aimless

I just wish

It pained a little less

Trampling upon fellow beings

Without regret or remorse

To serve what end

Do they adopt this course?


Flitting from one

Relation to another

Not a trace of guilt

To slaughter their own brothers


No question of

Word or honor

Pouncing at every

Victim they corner


Freedom and independence

A crumbling sham

Death of free will

At their own bloody hands


Driven ahead unaware by

Ulterior motives solely

Souls being infested by

Moral depravity wholly


Affectations galore

To achieve selfish goals

The sanctity of candor

An ugly beast stole


Now rendered

Empty shells

Consciously brought about

This infernal hell


It’s all a part of the game

Survival of the fittest is the name

Bowed your head

Bent your knees

Eyes downcast with humility

Compromising your ability


Eager to please

Willing to mould

As plastic as clay

Conforming everyday


A slave to their will

Conditioned to serve

Killing your mind

Lest you be left behind


Singing their praises

Celebrating their ways

Consistently making do

So that you’d fit in too


A facade

Donned for their benefit

Became your identity

An ineluctable reality


Subconsciously imbibing

Their deplorable ways

A new you stemmed

You became just one of them


Whiffs from the past

Merging with your mask

Tenuous glimpses I see

Of someone you used to be


The fire has been smothered

Leaving behind the ashes

Those transient traces of you

Are the sole remnants worth clinging on to.

It is amidst a crowd

That I am truly alone

Devoid and empty

My heart continues to mourn



Wandering away

Looking for solace

A reassuring voice

Some blissful place



Shuffling feet, bowed heads

Disappointment at every corner

Eyes like vacant pools

Every man, left a loner

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