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People rushing
Time gushing
At a pace too fast
Nothing seems to last
Driven ahead by blind ambition
Floating ahead, without precision
Chasing dreams beyond the horizon
From the rising to the setting sun
Night follows the day gone by
Reassuring themselves with another lie
Terming this tedious journey
As the only life they can see


People with their eyes,
Brimming with dreams,
Some to be realized,
Others to be shattered as wretched lies.

The sun and the glittering sand
Lover’s trysts, hand in hand,
Shimmering lights filling the space,
It’s ornament- The Queen’s Necklace.

From the sophisticated to the uncouth,
From the flamboyant to the miserly one,
Thriving under the same blue sky
And the bright dazzling sun.

Through deafening bullets
And drowning waves,
It emerges stronger
This isn’t the one that caves.

Drenched in rains,
Overwhelmed with pain,
Ceaselessly in motion
Through all this commotion.

The city and its feel
Runs too deep.
This is our city,
The one that never sleeps!

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