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It was a cold evening
The frost stung my lips
I waited, patiently
Right beneath our tree
But you never came
The sun sunk low
The clouds huddled closer
To retain some warmth
Perhaps against an impending storm
But you never came
I watched the pavement
I wished for the familiar sound
Of your footsteps on the gravel
I hoped all was well
Because you never came
I walked back alone
Yearning for you by my side
A hand to clasp
A reassuring grasp
But you never came
Some lonely nights
I sit by the fire
And wonder what became of you
Pondering if you think of me too


Questioning, why you never came



An overcast sky
Clouds huddled together
Unable to contain the drops
About to break free from the tether
An opening above
A flash of white
Darkness following
The momentary light
A thunderous applause
For the growing anticipation
A slow assault
The unchecked precipitation
The smell from the ground
The blooming flowers, shy
The fragrant air teasing
The traveller passing by
Leaves detached
From the burdened trees
On the undulating waters
Floating free
Glistening in the
Moonlight bright
Reflecting the sparkling
Blanket adorned by the night
A breeze, tantalizing
Humid and cold
Reminiscence about
Stories untold
Lost forever, swallowed
By the comfortable shroud
Of the long shadows
Amidst the oblivious crowds

The roar of the oceans, deep and clear

Submerged, the water gushes into my ears


Afloat on the waves, truly free

Head turned heavenward, the sunlight I see


Beside me, the deep shades of blue

Glitter like gold, of the truest hue


The sequestered horizon, seems almost tactile

As I squint through, to view the distant miles


The hot breeze, mingled with the salty water cold

To the undulating sea, I let my body mould


A joy unsullied, by the world beyond this moment

As I drown myself in this atmosphere’s intoxicating scent

A chilled breeze

And the pleasant taste

Of the salty sea

Reviving me


Shutting my eyes

Devouring the feel

Of wind in my hair

Without a care


The grains of sand

Slipping away

Yet on my fingers

Their feel lingers


The cold water

Caressing my feet

Undulating reflections

Simmering emotions


In this moment

It seems natural

To break free

Just be me


Happiness here is

Not a mere fancy

If only I could freeze this moment

And all that it has ever meant


Time may fly away

At a blurring speed

It’d be worthwhile

If only I can stay here a while

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