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Versatile Blogger Award

Upon accepting this award:

1. Post a link to the Versatile Blogger who nominated you. (and thank them)

So I’d like to thank

 for the same.



2. Share seven facts or items not widely known about yourself

– I am 19, though I may sound like I am a woman dealing with post menopause issues

– My humor is more often than not lost on people

-I like rock music, and I am judgmental about people who prefer hip hop and other forms. Petty like that.

-My favorite hang out place is Landmark, a bookstore where I could spend days together if they didn’t shut down at night.

-I don’t see why someone who enjoys being alone has to also suffer from loneliness. Sometimes though, I do.

-My first love (and the only one in fact) has been Howard Roark  from Fountainhead

-Books, poems and music bring out more emotions in me than friends or fellow human beings, on a more general note.



3. Nominate (and notify) five (or 7 or 15) other bloggers for this award.

The bloggers I’d like to nominate are-



Something I wrote keeping positive reinforcement in mind, and how an excess of it may lead to unpleasant repercussions-

I was free

From constraints

Speaking my mind

Oblivious of strain

I was fearless

Keeping no targets

Uninterested in the

Acknowledgments I  get

All that mattered

Was me and my thoughts

Till one day they

Came along and bought

My views, my beliefs

Were no more mine

But for every other person

Who for entertainment pined

Now the purpose

Was to cater to needs

I had on my own

Sown these seeds

To give them power

Over the way I expressed

Slowly my voice was dying

My soul being repressed

I swore to

Break free

Go back to being

Who I used to be

But their tenacious hold

Was way too strong

I went down that path

Knowing it was wrong

Now what I loved

Has become my enemy

I only write

What they wish to see


Thanks to Arjun  ( , I received this award sometime back. A site which started off as a place for me to pen down my thoughts is now appreciated by quite a few. It’s overwhelming and heart warming. The internet is indeed my favorite parallel reality, second only after utopian fiction.

The award is called Liebster award. The specifics being-

About this award: This is an award given to blogs that have less than 200 followers and deserve more recognition and encouragement.There are some guidelines that have to be followed while giving or receiving the Award.

1.Thank the blogger who gave you the Award.
2.Pick 5 small blogs that are worth the honors.
3.Spread the words about liebster Awards
The bloggers I nominate for this award are :
I follow these blogs, and believe they are unique in their own way of putting across thoughts with a style that is both rare, and beautiful.
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