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Your presence, grains of sand
Slipping away from my tenacious hands

The tighter I clasp
Further compromised my grasp

Wise would be, to release it
Than cling to every fragmented bit

Sown now, the seeds of deception
Altered are well established perceptions


You may force your
Opinions down my throat
I’ll still stand by mine
Refuse to be a scapegoat

You may try and
Sell your convictions
I’ll mock and I’ll scoff
At their absurd implications

You may try and
Impose your thoughts
But some minds surprisingly
Cannot be bought

You may try and
Laugh off my ways
At least I’m me
Not what popular norm says

You may try and
Label me a rebel
What path I ought to follow
No one but me can tell

Who are you to
Shove down your morality
Or the lack of it
Adorning lies to look pretty

Take your advices
Throw them away
Who needs them?
I’ll find my own way

You may try and
Strangle me to death
I’ll still put up a fight
To my very last breath

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