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An overcast sky
Clouds huddled together
Unable to contain the drops
About to break free from the tether
An opening above
A flash of white
Darkness following
The momentary light
A thunderous applause
For the growing anticipation
A slow assault
The unchecked precipitation
The smell from the ground
The blooming flowers, shy
The fragrant air teasing
The traveller passing by
Leaves detached
From the burdened trees
On the undulating waters
Floating free
Glistening in the
Moonlight bright
Reflecting the sparkling
Blanket adorned by the night
A breeze, tantalizing
Humid and cold
Reminiscence about
Stories untold
Lost forever, swallowed
By the comfortable shroud
Of the long shadows
Amidst the oblivious crowds


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  1. I like the way this is written!

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