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The roar of the oceans, deep and clear

Submerged, the water gushes into my ears


Afloat on the waves, truly free

Head turned heavenward, the sunlight I see


Beside me, the deep shades of blue

Glitter like gold, of the truest hue


The sequestered horizon, seems almost tactile

As I squint through, to view the distant miles


The hot breeze, mingled with the salty water cold

To the undulating sea, I let my body mould


A joy unsullied, by the world beyond this moment

As I drown myself in this atmosphere’s intoxicating scent


One Comment

  1. The roar of the ocean which you hear
    may contain a tear
    Of the person who is far
    and cannot be near

    That person waits alone
    and is staying currently in a hole
    You know whom i am talking of
    Jaldi aao karke kuch jhol

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