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The unspoken words

The stolen glances

Holding back

Losing chances


Perpetual fear

Lingering doubts

Keeping silent

When I want to shout


A wall to keep

The uncertainty at bay

If you get too close

You might walk away


The fortress is but

Made of ice

To guard the tears

Of my silent cries


Scared to be

What I am

Continuing to live

This pleasant sham


Haunting thoughts

Nagging me

Keeping me from

Letting you see


The real me

Cushioned in layers

My wishful heart

Mumbling silent prayers


Treading closer

You may see the mess

If you knew me more

Would you love me less?




  1. my god i love the way ur poems end. excellent!!

  2. love!!!

  3. Loved it!

  4. loved the last two lines!great work!

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