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The soothing winds

The mellow sun

A walk of solace

To an unknown place


The unadulterated bliss

Of a  starry night

Staring at the sky

No soul nearby


The undulating waters

Letting me float

Away to nowhere

Without a care


The sounds of

People chattering

A part of the audience

Watching it through the lens


A touching harmony

A fleeting glimpse

A passing thought

Of what I once sought


The most intimate of

The happiest hours

Or the silent moans

Are all, enjoyed alone





  1. This is well written. I also do things and enjoy things a lot when I’m alone 🙂

  2. Lovely! Often, solitude is portrayed in a negative light – desolate and desperate. But the truth is, solitude is calming and nurturing. Aesthetically, a single tree can have more power in a photograph than an entire forest.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.

  3. A lot many, esp the ones here who write, are going to relate to this!
    Ah and yes this one has a touch of warmth in it which is what i like about it!

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