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I’ve been accused

Of a heart of stone

Maybe because I choose

To walk alone

I’ve been written off

As cold

Because I let go of

Whatever I hold

Indifferent and stoic

I’ve heard people say

Criticizing and carping

A lot about my ways

What do they know

Of intensities I feel

A surge of emotions with

Which I covertly deal

What do they understand

Of the capacities of

My very essence that

They blatantly scoff

Ignorant are they

Of my perceptions

Maybe because I refuse

To indulge them with elaborations

One day they may see

What they’ve been blind to

The latent emotions

They are incapable of feeling too

Then I may

Have the last laugh

Beat them in their

Very own craft




  1. inspiring x

  2. To indulge them with elaborations… 🙂
    this seemed liked one

    but nice to get some idea of what the “cold” really is.

    • The ones who need those elaborations are not going to be reading this 🙂

  3. Love this. amazing ;]

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