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Call it faith

Pass it off as goodwill

Your prayers won’t undo

Any of those sins too ill


Worship those

Stones you’ve glorified

Even if sound reason

At every level they’ve defied


Bow your heads

And fold your hands

Console yourselves

With whatever sham you can


Kneeling down abashedly

In front of supposed deities

Will not clean the slate

Even if it earns you pities

Leave it all

To his mercy

A blindfold through which

You stubbornly refuse to see

Surrender reason

To blind belief

Hoping it’d help you

Turn over a new leaf

Your sins will cling

Despite your flimsy efforts

Try hard as you may

You won’t wipe off the dirt

But you need to

Find some solace

A social consolation

In a holy place

So go ahead

Nurture those delusions

After all they keep alive

Your comfortable illusions



  1. u know i feel the same way. people believe in god and worship them regularly but i real life all of that goes away. hypocritical if u ask me. good one kiran.

  2. πŸ™‚
    what do you believe in?

    • Trying to find out what. Not much thinking of it now.

      • so there’s something…
        i think it’s good to believe in something…
        love, destiny, evolution, extinction… something

        unless you wanna be a nihilist, of course.
        but i think life would be empty if you thought like that.

      • I have fancied nihilism, yet wouldn’t consider myself to be a nihilist, as yet anyway. I believe in science, maybe that ought to count for something? πŸ˜›

      • good enough πŸ˜›
        but signs would have been more interesting.

  3. A very powerful poem. I love the blindfold metaphor and the “blind belief”

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