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We smiled

Through pain

Drenched in

The pouring rain


We laughed

With teary eyes

Ceaselessly through

Truth and lies


We walked

Through the endless shore

Content, satisfied

Craving nothing more


We built

What they call

Castles in the air

That wouldn’t fall


We lived

Through each other

Oblivious to

Any other


We cried

Yet wiped those tears

With each other’s

Comfort so dear


We cherished

Every moment precious

Clinging to it

With a grip tenacious


Where did it

All go wrong

Here where it was

Perfect all along?


We lost

What we lived for

Somewhere in the way

Things got sour


All that’s left

Is this gaping void

And me all alone

Bereft, devoid


One Comment

  1. 😦 so sad..

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