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I live in a parallel world

Far away from here

Take my hand in yours

Come with me dear


Where there is no trace

Of hatred and bitterness

The sun shines splendidly

Even in the darkest recess


Where beauty isn’t

The masks you don

But the sacred innocence

With which you were born


Where love isn’t

A wretched lie

But that for which

With bliss you cry


Where words you say

Are those you mean

Expressions are crystal clear

No underlying malice unseen


Where honesty isn’t

A wishful illusion

What you believe

Is not damped by commotion


Where you and I

Can simply be

No chains to keep

Our souls from breathing free



  1. amazing poem.. I jumped here from your award nomination by arjun1097, and i can see why you were put up for the award.. šŸ™‚

  2. lovely

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