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I have tried

To no avail

To find who you are

Beneath that veil


But now,

I am tired

Maybe it’s just me

Who refuses to see

The trash, the mess

Filled with emptiness


I’ve struggled

Debated with myself

To get a glimpse

Beyond that shelf


But now,

I am tired

Of cutting you slack

Hoping to find you back

From the road you chose

Far away, yet so close


I’ve pushed hard

Hoping for answers

Looking at those haunted eyes

Deep within me, something stirs


But now

I am tired

I can hope no more

To mend things that are sore

When my efforts go waste

The reality, I’m forced to taste


I’ve hoped

Against evidence contrary

To reach to you, get past

This facade, all too blurry


But now

I am tired

Running out of incentive

To shatter the lies you live

There’s only so far

I can deal with these scars


One day you may

Realize what you lost

Regret not then

It came at what cost

I am sorry

If  I gave up prematurely

Just that I am tired

Even though I loved you truly



  1. I like your unique writing style

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