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Impose not your

Perceptions and presumptions

They aren’t the cure

To those heaps of delusions

Leave me alone

Let me be

Whatever you do

Don’t pretend to know me


Live me in your head

If you please

Build me up

With effortless ease

Picture me as it may

Suit your far fetched fancies

Nurture them all you want

To extents you please


There’s more to me

Than meets the eye

You would’ve known

If you had the time to try

Now you make

Sweeping claims

Affecting insights

Shoving down blames


I am through

With your images of me

Time to let go

Merely be free

You can now live

With your affectations

Your convoluted mind’s

Crafty creations



  1. amazed where my mouse clicks sometimes take me. I am very interested in Layers…
    Nice words!

    • I happen to like your mouse too. The only way I find people who read and understand what I am trying to convey 🙂

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