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Slow poison

Apathetic existence

Seeking answers

Trying to make sense


Dragging myself

From here to there

Devoid of love

Incapable of care


Stagnant and stale

With mundane routines

Listlessly loitering

Through roads unseen


Searching is futile

For the glimmer of lies

They pass off as hope

To muffle those cries


Deep set within is

An emptiness, unsatisfied

Nothing fills those gaping voids

Wishful dreams, defied







  1. A deeply sad poem

    • Just had a thought, i recently deleted my site WordShelf that may have subscibed to and I have remade it but have lost all my followers and I can’t remember who you all were but I think perhaps you were one.

      My new site is here

      Please delete this comment afterwards, I don’t want to clogg your pages.

  2. Sad but empathic.

  3. Apathy indeed is slow poison. Recognition of that offers hope.

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